Sometimes you come across something so useful and unobtrusive you find yourself telling everyone to try it. I came across some of these things recently in the Stylish plugin and the excellent GitHub Wide style.

While we all agree GitHub and the openness it brings to our codebase is awesome we can’t seem to agree on whether to use spaces or tabs for our formatting (lets get not into that holy war!). Depending upon the code, you can occasionally find yourself in GitHub horizontally scrolling in the PR tool just to read the code.


All is well, the tests are passing. The new feature you’ve just worked on (not a bug naturally, as there are no bugs in our code!) is working perfectly, let’s :shipit:

Here’s where we have it, the only issue with our tabbed masterpiece. Looking at the pull request on GitHub is awful. The narrow code window within GitHub often loses context on longer lines and makes the review as much about navigating around the code as it does reading it. What’s more there’s no easy way to scroll the code horizontally with the easiest option being to try and highlight to the start or end of the line. (#firstworldproblems)

Stylish is similar to Greasemonkey (albeit it modifies/supplements the styles on the page rather than the scripts), and will sit in your browser and let you augment the pages permanently (in Stylish’s case, with custom CSS).

Once added to chrome you will see it to the right of the address bar.

Now all that you need do is navigate to GitHub and click the button and choose the option for find more styles for this site. Stylish automatically lists the community styles which have been submitted and one of them is ‘GitHub wide’ which makes your code reviews perfectly responsive from here on in.